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We provide our safe and secure motorcycle towing services all across the Brisbane region, up to 150km – and sometimes even further…

Motor Cycle Towing Brisbane (MCTB) has extensive experience in towing motorcycles, quads, scooters, trikes and even ride on mowers across the Brisbane region and even further afield.

We believe we offer the best motorcycle towing service as we have the only Ute in Australia with an extremely safe motorised loading system and a pivot tray that lowers flush to the ground.  No need for manhandling of the motorbike up ramps onto the Ute!

This together with the careful and capable hands of bike enthusiast and Motor Cycle Towing Brisbane business owner (John) ensures that your motorbike, quad, trike or scooter is loaded, strapped and transported safely and securely. We are experienced in the careful handling of vintage motorbikes, Harleys, classic motorbikes etc.  We are also fully insured.

Hire us for your next club ride, track day, service or repair delivery, home move, new purchases or any social event. As long as you are about 150km from Brisbane we have you covered and our rates are very competitive .

 motor cycle towing Brisbane


MCTB also provides 24 hour motorcycle towing for breakdown emergencies.

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many years of experience in motorcycle towing

professional, experienced, fast response, safe & secure, fully insured
 motor cycle towing Brisbane
 motor cycle towing Brisbane

From John owner of Motor Cycle Towing Brisbane…

I have been involved in motorcycles from a very young age and it has always been my passion. You might see me at a club ride – and restoring of bikes is still my favourite thing of all time…

Once I had a family to support I figure if I can’t be riding or restoring, well at least I can be towing and earning at the same time! Thus it is my love of riding/restoring/caring for motorcycles that led to the birth of my business Motor Cycle Towing Brisbane – and the spelling mistake (Motor Cycle not Motorcycle) is deliberate! It just looks better on the logo that I designed…

Besides offering the motorcycle towing services, I have been to many of the most amazing club rides, had plenty of motorbike adventures (usually with a couple of mates) and restored some of the best motorbikes – so I am always happy to provide advice apart from offering motorcycle towing services – such as the best club rides, the best hotels to stay in, the best on and off-road bike experiences etc.

If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about motorcycles, quads, scooters etc and you need reliable and affordable transportation service, please get in touch.

Also, why not read some of my customer reviews so you know your treasured motorcycle, quad, scooter, trike or ride on mover etc will be in safe hands.

MCTB Specially Adapted Ute

For loading and unloading safety Motor Cycle Towing Brisbane has a specially adapted Ute just for this purpose.

The tray pivots allowing MCTB to load vehicles in tight and hard to get spaces that other Utes and trucks can’t.

The tray also opens flush to the ground eliminating the need for ramps which can fall and slide.

Finally, the Ute has a specially designed mechanised loading and unloading system which basically eliminates any chance of damage or scratches. The front wheel of the motorbike, scooter etc is locked into a bike grab. A winch attached to the bike grab is activated by remote control and pulls the motorbike up onto the Ute tray. This means that there is no longer the need for one or two men to guide the bike up ramps to the Ute or truck.

The MCTB Ute makes quick and easy safe loading and unloading for a short or longer tow.

 motor cycle towing Brisbane


Use Our Towing Services

  • As a bike rider and restorer myself I truly care about the safe transportation of your bike
  • The specially adapted Ute reduces the risk of damage, dents or scratches
  • I check and replace the quality tie-downs that we use on a regular basis
  • I never ever strap bikes so that there is undue stress on the front fork seals!
  • I carry full insurance and offer a professional service
  • I have extensive experience in the business of safely towing bikes and will look after your bike like it is my own..

Club Ride Support

MCTB caters for club rides.  For any group rides we are happy to provide the security for the group of knowing that if there are any bike problems, a tow ute is there and ready for them…

Accident Tows

Let us take the stress out of an already stressful day, we will make sure your bike, scooter, quad or trike is safely towed to the place of your choice…

Towing service

Our motorcycle towing vehicle has a full pivot tray.  The tray slides back and onto the ground no ramps are needed the bike is loaded …

New purchase

We pick up and transport (tow) all newly purchased motorcycles, quads, trikes and scooters whether you have brought online or local or interstate we are able to help…

Tow service 7 days a week 5am to 11 pm

Plus 24 hour emergency break down service

” Anywhere 150km from Brisbane ? We have you covered “

towing service perfectly set up for…

Motorbike towing – We are able to carry one or two motorcycle at once. We tow sports bikes, Harley’s, vintage motorcycles, British bikes, dirt bikes , adventure bikes, Ducati motorcycles, race bikes and custom motorcycles etc.

trike towing brisbane

Trike towing – we tow all three-wheelers including the popular Can-Am Spider trikes. Our pivot tray system ensures the safe loading of your trike and John (MCTB owner  and bike enthusiast) has the experience to ensure a safe trike towing service.

quad towing brisbane

Quad towing – our Ute tray with pivot system  and motorised whinch allows us to offer our safe quad towing service all around Brisbane and further afield up to 150km or further up to negotation.

scooter towing brisbane Motor Cycle Towing Brisbane

Scooters towing – Our scooter towing service, as for other bikes covers the Brisbane region. Our specially designed towing vehicle is perfect for scooter towing as well.

Motor Cycle Towing Brisbane
What Our Customers Are Saying…

" Could not recommend John enough. He was on time, very professional, and helped me from start to finish. This is the man to go to. Regards "


" Thank you John. We highly recommend you. Polite, friendly, and did an extent job. "